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Token Advisory

A Konfidio & Fexserv Fund Services Venture


We offer a full-service management solution throughout the entire lifecycle of a token: from token economics design to STO development and marketing, to post-STO management.

We leverage our crypto economic experience, our position in the funding ecosystem and our legal & compliance expertise.   


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Token Model Design

Designing the token functionality and business model related to the crypto-economics of the token pre and post offering.

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Smart Contract, Clearing & Settlement Platform

Development of the smart contract and platform to take care of the token generation process, clearing and settlement of the transactions.

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System Audit Service

Auditing of systems that will issue the token in compliance with the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Directives

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Drafting the process for the valuation of the price of the token in the initial offering


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Design Thinking Marketing Strategy

User-focused marketing and brand development. Create optimal positioning for early-stage investment and long-term success. Measure the impact of your outreach, and learn about your audience before going public.

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Private Sale & Seed Round Marketing

Research, planning, and execution of marketing specifically targeted at VC firms, family offices and high net worth individuals. Token valuation, pitch deck design, and investor outreach.

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Digital PR Management


Implement the essential aspects of a digital marketing campaign. Benefit from the combined years of experience of our senior marketing advisors, and our energetic team of researchers and content producers.

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Public Sale & Community Management

Craft and deploy the most relevant public STO marketing techniques with airdrops, bounties and community management. Our team is one step ahead of this ever-evolving landscape.


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Corporate Services

Comprehensive services in relation to the setup of the token issuer (legal entity) with ongoing substance support and related corporate, secretarial and accounting services

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Legal & Compliance

Review and drafting of legal and regulatory documentation and preparation of the token offering document in compliance with EU laws and rules

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Coordination and handling of regulatory processes with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) or BaFin in Germany

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AML/KYC Services

Drafting and support services on Anti-Money-Laundering and Know-Your-Customer policies and procedures for the STO



Real world experience researching and applying Crypto based technologies (e.g. Ethereum, Quorum, Cosmos, Dash, IOTA) and academic research in cryptoeconomics.


  • Our co-founders led the innovation departments at EY and Accenture, demonstrating their consultancy expertise successful projects for ZF, Novartis, and Bayer.

  • Our core technology developers offer an in-depth understanding of the technical capabilities and value of prospective blockchain projects


  • Our marketing team has led successful fundraising projects for traditional startups and STOs. Our growth specialists have backgrounds in design thinking, journalism and community management.


  • Our partners offer the legal expertise and regulatory knowledge to launch legitimate STO projects.

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